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Ladies : See the shocking Facts About Your B.reasts You Must Know

FACT #1: It is perfectly normal for your Tips to discharge either milk (when you are pregnant or nursing a baby) or a clear colourless liquid when fondled or manipulated especially during love making.

This therefore should not alarm you. However, you should talk to your doctor if milk is discharged when you are not pregnant or nursing a baby or have stopped nursing a baby by at least 2 weeks.

This is very important because of a condition called galactorrhoea that is often caused by a brain tumor, prolactinoma. Other causes of galactorrhoea abound but prolactinomas are our greatest cause of worry.

FACT #2: From the moment you start ovulating until the last day of your menstruation, it is very normal for your bre.asts to become engorged, heavy and even painful.

This is often due to that fact that once ovulation starts, the woman’s body starts preparing pregnancy in the event that a pregnancy occurs. So do not be alarmed. Don’t panic.

It is just normal physiology happening, it will resolve itself naturally or if the pain is too discomforting, popping two tablets of paracetamol helps provide relief.


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