BREAKING !! MMM To Crash Soon – If These 3 Dangerous Things Continues (MUST READ)

There is so much hunger in the country and recession has forced almost every Nigerian to invest or put their money in one or two networking business. Out of all the networking sites, MMM is the largest and widely visited.
MMM promises a 30% bonus which they deliver to the participants after a month, with other bonuses after warning you to patronize with spare money. But what we are looking at today is how mmm will crash soon if nothing is done about these dangerous actions.

MMM crashing will not be a fault of government but a fault of MMM themselves- HOW

1.    FAKE POP


Recently a lot of people has learnt how to dodge payment by uploading fake proof of payment online indicating they have made payment thereby forcing you to confirm them when you have not received any alert. They buy time and keep you tensed up. After 48hrs you write to CRO or ADMIN support excepting them to attend to your matter. They ask you to upload bank approved stamped statement, yet they do nothing. One week enters 2 and before you know it story comes in.


When people say MMM CRO AND ADMINS have a lot of people they are attending to that’s why your case is not yet solved, i wonder. You can’t compare MMM to telecommunication companies who has large members but still they have a strong customer service. These CROS AND ADMINS see most of the tickets and complaints and they leave you there for 2 weeks or more depending on when they want to attend to your case. Sometimes they respond that your ticket has been closed and solved while nothing has been done. The MMM customer support system is bad and more favourable to scammers who knows that no action will be taken against them in weeks or months.


Recently you can’t call a guider or consultant on the phone and they will pick. They ask you to whatsapp them. What if the person has no android phone to ping or chat. Some guiders don’t even know what to do when there downline has a problem, some guiders will also encourage some members to post fake pop, so who will attend to you when you have a problem- NOBODY. Go and ask your guider how his leadership bonuses are paid. They just credit his acc with mavro’s even though he didn’t provide help but gets large money from his downlines (whether the first downline (50℅) and other downliners. Better yet if you know any consultant ask them how their $450 is paid monthly it’s still by crediting their accounts without providing anything.

If someone can be truthful and provide help why cant the same person get help without stress. Why let scammers and fraudsters ruin a good platform that is helping Nigerians. Till MMM solves these 3 issues within 24hrs and restore faith to its participants then be ready for crash.

Lets discuss your experience and how MMM support failed you, If you have any issues with CRO AND SUPPORT SYSTEM that has been solved, pls write for other people to know how to go about their own issues and get solutions fast, but if you don’t please shut up. Till you have a problem in MMM then you will pray for govt to shut down the system.

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