See What This Pretty NYSC Lady Was Caught Doing With A Cucumber

Sent in by a reader: i met this girl during my NYSC service..She is cool, calm and reserved. She is always indoor and act gently.

With lots of stress and persuasion, we dated, although she was a hard nut to crack. She even agreed to date me reluctantly. Her body language is always discouraging. But I still tagged along.

We both served in the same northern town. She stayed in a church residence throughout her service year.

Her lodge was very close to mine.

I went to her lodge on this faithful Saturday evening, I heard some plates rumbling in the kitchen which suggest she was busy in the kitchen. So I just went directly to her room, I didnt knock as I thought she was the one in the kitchen (She actually shared the same kitchen with some guys on her apartment wing).

Truth be told, these guys dont cook. I hardly see any of them in that kitchen. Its milady I always see there. So i assumed she was cooking. So I went straight into her room to drop my laptop bag. Lo and Behold, she was in the room staring at her phone.

She was watching a por.n movie on her phone, while also inserting a very huge cucumber into her private pa.rt.

She quickly rushed up and covered up. She felt embarrassed and uneasy. I pretended as if nothing happened. I tried to make her comfortable.

I later brought up the issue and asked why she denied me se.x but preferred to use a very Huge cucumber to mast.urbate. She opened up and told me that she enjoys it more than se.x. then she showed me her other se.x objects I was surprised to see all her se.x objects. She really invested in se.x objects.

She finally allowed me do the (Close your eyes). Everything changed since then, she still prefers to augment se.x with sex objects.

We had heated arguments on it and she told me point blank “I can’t do without mastur.bation and se.x objects”.

I told her “But this is a problem you need to go for senxual counseling or rehabilitation”

She said “thats why she never wanted to date any guy.”

I asked, how she is gonna cope with her husband, what if the husband doesn’t have a taste for se.x objects. She said “Its either I remain single I find a man that will take me as I am”.

Well, it was just NYSC, and was just for 1 year after which I don’t know you again. Its really not any of my problem. I started playing along.

But throughout my encounter with her. I noticed the following:

1. She is always tired when home alone. She will just mast.urbates. I tried to ensure she is not home alone. But any opportunity she gets, she is doing her thing.

2. Anytime I make a move, she is not always in the mood.

3. Always glued to her phone

4. her phone browser history was always pointing to po.rn site.

5. When home alone, always Unclad (not with her pa.nts and under below always wet).

And many more signs.

Finally, I concluded she was Possessed.

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