Nigerian Men : Before Allowing a Woman Stay on Top During S.ex, Please Read This

Allowing a woman to ride you during s*x helps in guaranteeing maximum pleasure on both sides and these are some details to know before hand.
 woman on top

The good thing is that the position is as rewarding as it is exciting and it gives women far more control in movement and thrusting.

Anyway, here are 7 things to know as you go about giving women the power:
(1) It is perfect for couples where the male partner is significantly heavier.
(2) It imitates the way most guys mas turbate with their back on the bed, making it a familiar posture for men.
(3) It gives women unprecedented control and allows them to control the thrusting.
(4) It’s great during pregnancy because it doesn’t put any pressure on the belly.
(5) It can cause injuries like penile fractures if care is not taken.
(6) It doesn’t allow for much clitoral stimulation.
(7) It may lead to faster loss of ere ction because the pe nis is pointed up with the force of gravity working against it and causing the blood to flow away from the tip.
Note that woman-on-top can be a variety of different positions; the reverse missionary position where the woman lying flat on top of the man and the famous variation called the reverse cowgirl which is where the woman faces away from the man.

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